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Frequently Asked Questions


Feel free to reach out if these FAQ’s don’t answer your questions. 

General Questions

How do I get a book?

100 Firehall Workouts is currently on Amazon. You can type “100 Firehall Workouts” and the book should show up!  It is available on as well as other countries such as Canada.

Do I need a lot of equipment to do the workouts?

The answer is no.  There are options if you don’t have certain piece of equipment and there are substitutions and other options. For example if you don’t have a rower you can run or bike. This is made clear in the book.  There are many bodyweight exercises as well that will help you get stronger and fit. 

Does your book support a charity?

Yes, proceeds from every book sale goes to support a first responder charity called “Boots on the Ground”.  This organization is a first responder helpline that is staffed by members of the emergency services.  Check out more here 

Is there a discount if I buy a bunch of books?

As firefighters, we know that everyone is looking for a deal. We get it. We also know that if you are looking for a bunch of books for your fire department, we can help you with that.  If you want to order 10 or more books, we can help you with a discounted rate and we cover the shipping to your department.

Click here to learn more. 

What if I don't know how to do the exercise or movement?

Each workout page has a QR code that you scan with your smartphone that will take you to a video explainer of the movements required for the workouts. 

What do you mean by "Interactive Guide & Workbook"?

100 Firehall Workouts is a book, is so much more than that. When you scan the QR code it will unlock content not available anywhere else that will help guide you through the workouts and movements. You will get tips and hints on how to make the exercises and movements more efficient, and you might even learn something. Also beside each workout is a workbook section where you can write down some notes and track your progress. 

Why did you write this book? Aren't there enough firefighter fitness books out there?

These workouts were designed by active professional firefighters who are still doing the job. There are a few firefighter workout books, but really there isn’t a guide that actually gave you a plan for each day at work.   There are 100 firefighter workouts, crew workouts, partner workouts, and individual fitness tests, also each workout through the QR code has a video library attached to it. These are curated workouts from a large list of firehall workouts that we have done over the years. We cut out the ones that were no good, and put the best ones in the book for you!

Are the movements complicated in the workouts?

There are some movements that may be considered more complicated with some olympic lifting type movements, and some kettlebell movements, but for the most part the exercises are simple and easy to follow.  We also provide options if you are unable to do certain exercises. 

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