100 Firehall Workouts About Us

Let’s be honest, when you are tired from sleepless nights and shift work, the last thing you want to do is workout.

As you have more time on the job, it doesn’t get easier to stay in shape, it gets harder.

You know you should be working out because it can be a physical job and you don’t want to be a liability to your crew. As firefighters, we don’t like to fail and we will probably push ourselves to our limits trying to achieve our tasks on the fire ground.

We get it.

With over 30 years of combined experience in the emergency services and as professional firefighters we have trained hundreds of clients and firefighter recruits, we know how important it is to be functionally fit and ready for the work that needs to be done.  

We wrote 100 Firehall Workouts – An Interactive Guide and Workbook because we wanted to help more firefighters improve their life, become more resilient and build a strong crew.  A lot of firefighters just don’t know what to do when it comes to fitness, and if they do make it into the gym, they get stuck doing the same exercises and feel frustrated by the lack of results.

We have found ways to overcome this resistance, and we will share these techniques with you so that you can create a great routine and habit for yourself and your team. We have handpicked the best of the workouts from over the years at the firehall.

We have made the mistakes so that you don’t have to.


With the 100 Firehall Workouts Interactive Guide and Workbook you get

  • 100 firehall workouts – tried and tested

  • Instructional videos and demos

  • Easy to follow instructions

  • A built in workbook to track you progress

  • Motivational messages to keep you going

We want to help you make a positive change in your life so that you are ready, confident and strong for your next call!



100 Firehall Workouts

About the authors

 Mark Arnold firefighter 100 Firehall Workouts - About Us

Mark Arnold – Co-Author 100 Firehall Workouts

As a professional firefighter, fitness has always been a large part of Mark’s life. There were times that getting the crews engaged and finding workouts for them to do was challenging.

Over the years at the fire stations, Mark has compiled the best workouts that he and his crews did, as he feels that fitness is an essential piece to ensure that people make it to the end of their careers both happy and healthy. 

There are three reasons why Mark does firehall workouts.

1. To perform better on the fire ground for unknown tasks and to not let down his crew.

2. To improve his fitness for the life and activities he enjoys outside of work such as mountain biking, jiu jitsu, snowboarding and spending time outdoors.

3. So that he does not turn into a bear, the workouts reduce his occupational stress and help him be a better husband and father to his wife and three girls.  

Mark is the Fitness lead for his fire department, and in previous years was the race director for the Emergency Services Adventure Race. His team has helped inspire people to move, train and improve the quality of their lives.

Nearing the end of his fire career, Mark wants to guide firefighters and first responders in ways to improve their health and wellness, both physically and mentally. 

Mark feels that this book 100 Firehall Workouts will not only develop resilience amongst firefighters, but it will also be a great way to develop teamwork and camaraderie among fire crews. 

I am confident that if you do these workouts, you will feel stronger and more capable as a firefighter” –  Mark Arnold


Matt Russell – Co-Author 100 Firehall Workouts

Co-Author 100 Firehall Workouts - About Us

Matt has been a professional firefighter for the past 10 years. During that time, he has taken an approach to the job (that so many do), to be the person you would want showing up if you needed help.

But where does that all start? For Matt, that starts with fitness and wellness. It’s one thing to be able to know and understand the job, and it’s something completely different to be able to perform the job over and over throughout the shift, weeks and years.

The main issue that Matt has noticed isn’t that firefighters don’t want to be involved or physically active, it’s that they don’t have a plan, they don’t know how to do something or don’t know what to do. These reasons are usually hidden behind excuses which is the whole premise for 100 Firehall Workouts to begin with, breaking down excuses and barriers and getting to work.

Matt doesn’t want to work with people who provide nothing but excuses, he wants to be around those that work hard and can find solutions. To do this, you need to lead by example, drop your ego and help your fellow firefighter, all things that Matt aims to do on a daily basis. With 100 Firehall Workouts, Matt’s goal was to provide a guide so that others could extinguish their own excuses, have something to lean on, and learn how to continue down the path on their own.

What’s the underlying theme of all of this? Matt is someone who wants to be able to perform for his crew but also know that his crew is ready and capable to do the same. He wants other firefighters to be confident and capable for their next call, and build firefighters with better perspectives, always finding solutions, not problems. To understand that this isn’t about you, but those you work for, work with and the ones at home waiting for you. 

“Firefighters all want the same things: A fire t-shirt, to know that the crew has their back and that the crew knows you’ve got theirs. Simple” – Matt Russell