100 Firehall Workouts – The Book

Firefighting is an inherently dangerous and physical job. Every successful firefighter knows that the less physically fit you are, the more dangerous the job becomes.

We want you to feel confident and capable on the fire ground. 

firefighter fitness book

  • Are you in the dark when it comes to workouts firefighters should be doing?

  • Do you struggle with putting together ideas for workouts for you and your crew?

  • Are you getting back into shape and need some motivation?

  • Do you need instructions and a plan that are easy to follow?

As professional firefighters with over 30 years of combined service and thousands of clients coached and mentored, we have put together 100 Firehall Workouts – an Interactive Guide and Workbook to answer these questions.

These are workouts designed by firefighters for firefighters

What’s in this book?

  • 100 Firehall Workouts

  • QR Code Links to Videos

  • Motivational Messages

  • Workout Journal

Why order this book? Why not? For less than the cost of an hour of personal training, you get 100 curated Firehall workouts. You also get a fully functional workbook.

100 Firehall Workouts will help you extinguish excuses, provide instructions and a plan to be fire ready and capable.

100 firehall workouts

What is a QR code? You know those weird looking squares you need to scan to get a menu at a restaurant, or to do online covid screening? Each workout page in 100 Firehall workouts has a QR code that when you scan it with you smartphone, it will take you to an instructional video of the workout. We wanted to be able to show you the workout and how we did it, so that you can get the most out of it..