Are you looking to order a bunch of books for your fire service?  We can help you facilitate that. If you order more than 10 books we can offer you a discount.

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Healthy Fit Firefighters – How does this help you?

How much does lost time, sick days, and injuries cost your department?

Is it a benefit to the department having members come back early from injuries because they are more physically active and able to recover faster?

Are fit crews of firefighters more durable on fire ground, and able to do more work when called upon?

We know that our firefighter members are an organizations most valuable resource, and investing in their health and wellness will pay off in dividends.

When you order books for your fire department, you get the books at a significant discount off of retail.

100 Firehall workouts will also pay the shipping on the books, and they will be sent directly to the fire services or address of your choice.

How much will this cost?

Depending on the order size, the savings will be between 50 – 60 percent off of a retail order. A significant savings.

We want to ensure that firefighters have all the tools and knowledge to be able to be prepared for the physical work they do.

So don’t wait and give your crews the tools they need to succeed!

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